Our Story

Via strong community partnerships, we help those who have no one and no where else to turn to. 

Our Vision

Why we fight for a kinder future for the homeless living with mental illness and/or other disabilities. 

Our Work

Providing a safe home that enables independence, community outreach and advocacy.

Joint Vice-Regal Patrons of Gethsemane Community Inc.​

The Honourable Margaret Beazley AO QC, Governor of New South Wales and Mr Dennis Wilson On the 13th Sept 2019, Gethsemane Community Inc. was honoured to have received joint Vice Regal Patronage by The Honourable Margaret Beazley AO QC, Governor of New South Wales and Mr Dennis Wilson. We are very excited about Her Excellency and Mr Wilson engaging and supporting the Gethsemane community over the coming years. Role of the Governor The Governor is the formal head of NSW, appointed by the Sovereign as her representative. The position has an important part to play across the numerous constitutional, ceremonial and community roles it holds throughout the state.


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How You Can Help

There are three ways you can help us at Gethsemane Community, either by volunteering or financially via donations or sponsorship



We accept donations of any amount via our secure payments partner PayPal. If you have an account you'll be prompted to login, otherwise you can donate using your credit card as guest user.



You can assist in the general life of the community by helping with the shopping, the cooking , taking residents to appointments and staying overnight to relieve the coordinator at times.  



We need individual and corporate sponsors willing to make a five year commitment to provide support so we can hire a coordinator to run Gethsemane, as well as pay for overnight relief when required.

Donate Today

Your donation will help us provide a home to people who need it most, conduct community outreach to those living in isolation and continue ongoing research that will bolster our advocacy projects.

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