Gethsemane works with appropriate State and Community agencies, in a form of practical partnership, when issues arise in regard to mental wellbeing.

Vision Statement

The Constitution sets out the following as the objects of the Association

(1) To offer the stability and permanence of a home to a small group of people who have mental illness or intellectual disability.
(2) To form a network of friendship and mutual respect between residents, staff and volunteers so as to promote life and growth in all involved.
(3) To provide security for residents through residential tenancy agreements signed with Amélie Housing Ltd.
(4) To provide for residents a list of community rules and agreements.
(5) To assist residents to develop living skills and become independent by assisting them to take turns in cooking the evening meal, looking after their rooms, linen and clothing.
(6) To encourage residents to go to work, if they so choose and to use leisure time enjoyably.
(7) To encourage residents to manage their finances, either independently or in conjunction with the NSW Trustee and Guardian.
(8) To assist residents to take responsibility for medical appointments and taking their medication, with supervision, where necessary.
(9) To develop a sense of community among residents by sharing the evening meal together and taking responsibility for care of the pets.
(10) To respect the personal faith and beliefs of the residents.
(11) To celebrate birthdays and special occasions as a community.
(12) To welcome friends, family members and visitors, inviting them for coffee or for a meal.
(13) To assist residents who are ready to move out and live independently. To maintain contact with them, if desired and to welcome them back to visit.
(14) To organize and fund funeral services for present and former residents where necessary.
(15) To use a clear process to assess the suitability of someone requesting to join the community as a resident. When such a request is made by a Mental Health Team or case worker, to invite the person for a meal, then an overnight and weekend stay to familiarize with the other residents. To ensure that existing community members have a say in this process and that the committee makes the final decision.
(16) To ensure that referring agencies know that only people with low level needs who are capable of moving towards independence will be considered.
(17) To maintain an effective outreach to people with disabilities living in assisted boarding houses and to follow up those who move to aged care. Through the Christmas Project, to provide personalized gifts and cards for such people and other residents who have little family or friends. By visiting regularly, to get to know residents of nearby boarding houses.
(18) To provide festive food hampers and gifts for people with disabilities who live alone in rented rooms.
(19) To invite people who are lonely and isolated and those in group homes to share Christmas lunch at Gethsemane Community.
(20) To advocate, through a range of organizations, both government and non – government, for the care and support of people with disabilities in boarding houses and for better funding of services, especially for people with mental illness.