Gethsemane works with appropriate State and Community agencies, in a form of practical partnership, when issues arise in regard to mental wellbeing.
Student support

Student support

One of the basic supports for the Christmas Project are the students from several schools who are helped to understand the needs of these various groups of people. they focus on some aspect they can appreciate at their age and often different groups in the classroom choose to collect different practical items that can go into the Hampers.

At  Our Lady of the Rosary School, these two groups were named Social Justice and Pope Francis and representative  students delivered baskets of toiletries and other goodies on 17th September for the Gethsemane Community Christmas project. These were then packaged into individual packages by volunteers.

The joy on the faces of the children as they passed their contribution onto the workers at Gethsemane reflects in a way the many people involved in giving goods or money or time. It is  done with a joy that flows from a concern for those who are in need and a desire to share what they have.


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