Gethsemane works with appropriate State and Community agencies, in a form of practical partnership, when issues arise in regard to mental wellbeing.
New Developments 2016

New Developments 2016

Gethsemane community Inc is able to respond to the growing number of requests for help each Christmas because of the ongoing loyalty of several Schools and groups. These have taken on the responsibility of collecting the material and packing the parcels and delivering them to the specific group they care for.
Similarly a school System like Wollongong has taken total responsibility for the Christmas Cards that go through their schools and set up a process whereby the re-addressing to ensure the privacy of the individual is protected, is carried out within their system and don’t have to be carried out at Gethsemane house.

One ¬†area where there was a substantial increase in requests this year was from the RPA’s Addiction Program for us to provide another 110 toiletry and gift packages and food hampers for clients of this program.We already provide for 75 clients of the Mobile Assertive Treatment team; 50 clients of the Acute Care Team; ¬†80 clients of the Redfern Mental Health team and 16 clients of the Common ground Project, who had previously been living on the Street
Addicts trying to break their addiction and to work with the structures provided by hospitals may have accommodation provided but it is a long way from having a home which most of them lost somewhere in the downward spiral of the addiction.
Personal toiletries are things we can take for granted but are very special for people living rough or with difficulty and are an important gift that convey some sense of self worth as well as Christmas cheer. A few festive items are also special in all the parcels as everyone likes something extra at a time like this.

As always it is the gifts of donors and the work of many volunteers that makes it possible for this work to continue so your Donations are always welcome.


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