Gethsemane works with appropriate State and Community agencies, in a form of practical partnership, when issues arise in regard to mental wellbeing.
Remote Christmas Preparations at Gethsemane

Remote Christmas Preparations at Gethsemane

For many of us Christmas still seems a long way off.
Gethsemane Community is preparing for 1100 people who are living in ‘insecure’ housing and Christmas raises special issues and needs for these people. Most have no contact with family or friends throughout the year so this can be a time of great isolation. Gethsemane Community aims to provide them with

  1. Christmas Cards from at least 8 people
  2. Christmas Presents that will meet some basic human needs and also something extra
  3. Christmas Food Hampers for Group or Individual as appropriate.

To achieve these diverse tasks requires great organisation in a small house with few staff and  faithful volunteers and one that is completely dependent on donations. The first major task is to have accurate information and this begins in June with phone calls to all the boarding houses,aged care facilities, group homes and to organisations that support people with disabilities in their rented rooms and apartments.

From the information  mail labels are developed for the Christmas Cards  and gift labels printed which include  sufficient information about size,gender and diabetic status of the individual so that the right ‘goodies’ will be put in their bags.

Most of these tasks are carried out at Gethsemane but 7 Schools have, between them, taken responsibility for 200 people.These schools are Corpus Christi Primary, St Ives; Mount St Joseph, Milperra; St Pius Primary School , Enmore; St Brigid’s Primary, Marrickville;, Christian Brothers’ High School,Lewisham; St Therese Primary Mascot and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Primary, Randwick. A set of labels and gift bags and a list of names and suggested contents for each bag are therefore sent to these schools.

A further twenty two schools, mostly primary, are involved in providing socks and toiletries for Christmas parcels prepared at Gethsemane. These schools have already been contacted to arrange this ongoing process.

Some warehouse shopping for items that are always needed has already begun.


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